Be You

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Be You


         You ever feel like your voice is clouded in a sea of judgement? What about others experiences? I’m here to tell you that is the most normal thing about life. Not everyone will understand your heart. They don’t always understand your true feelings. That is perfectly ok. Do you know yourself? Not fully? Guess what? You can always learn yourself. Do you truly understand your heart? No? Guess what? You can learn your heart. Do you understand your feelings? Not always? Guess what? You can learn those too.

         If there is one thing someone has taught me is that the things you don’t know you can absolutely learn. It will take time, but we must realize everyone’s journey is different. Our journeys may look similar or even look the same, but no true journey is meant to be the same. Sometimes we get so lost in the journey of finding ourselves that even when we find ourselves and our voice we loose it. We carefully watch what we say, which is an amazing thing. Sometimes we pick and choose our battles, which is another good thing. But what happens is that we don’t always voice how others make us feel. Learning to do this is an amazing thing. It just needs to be done in the best way.

         Learning ourselves comes with knowing our boundaries we are trying to create. Some boundaries are easier than others and that’s ok. No one person is perfect. For me my journey to find myself and to love myself will never end. I am falling in love with myself again and it feels amazing. My journey maybe slow and long, but it is happening for me all the same.

         Whoever is on this journey together I hope you are enjoying it. Take this time to learn not only what you don’t like, set boundaries, etc. but also learn the things that you do love and enjoy. This comes in many different shades and forms.

         Be You, Be Bold, Be Audaciously You

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