Choosing Yourself All Over Again

Posted by Jillienne Holston on

            Most people wait until they have a meltdown to begin their cycle of choosing themselves again. I am one of those people who wait sometimes to start my self-love journey all over again. Every one’s journey is different and will look different to the outside looking in. The most important thing for us to remember is no one is perfect. No one’s journey is perfect and THAT IS OK.

            Self-love is a continuous journey that we will always be traveling as long as we want to. Our self love journey is always changing as we change. That is the best part of our journey learning who we are, who we want to be, and where we want to go. For me I have always wanted someone to love me unconditional and be there without me having to say anything except it was a rough day. I want someone to be next to me.

            What I am realizing is that I can be this for myself, just like you can be to. We can be this and more for ourselves if we allow ourselves to become that. Then when someone else comes along they can simply add to the life we created and we can create one together. I don’t want to become dependent on someone else to be happy. I was once dependent on a man and when he left it completely broke me. I thought I had nothing to live for not realizing my life has yet to begin. I was completely lost. I was depressed for a while. Thus I started my self love journey.

            For me if it takes me starting over again and again I would rather that than loose myself again. I will always choose starting my journey over again and again every time. Starting over for me helps me get closer and closer to the truest and highest version of myself. I am learning how to release emotions that I have in the healthiest of ways. I am learning how to heal from the traumas that trigger me to go into these past habits.

            I love that I get to not only help others in their self love journey but I get to continuously learn more about myself through my journey. I talk about my experience and share them with others. I get to make sure everyone knows they are not alone in what they are going through. Sometimes knowing other people have been through this or are going through this makes our world a bit brighter.

            If you would like some assistance on your journey please contact us. I am always looking to see how I can help others in their journey.

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