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          I wanted to come on here and share with you what my personal has been and where we are going as a company. So, I have had a long journey with myself love journey and sometimes we just need a break. When it comes to self-love there is no perfect way to love and care for yourself. For me these past few months I had not only focused on myself but also my family. My family has needed me and by having taken care of myself I was able to be there for them.

            I have taken the time to figure out what I wanted for me and my family. Finding out what I truly wanted created a whole different business aspect for me. I have been through so much, but I started hiding. I started hiding away behind my business and only coming out just barely, so people know we are here. That’s not what I want for me, my business, or to teach my son. I want him to know that no matter what we go through to hold our heads up high and to be able to share it when we are ready.

            Sometimes it takes days, months, or even years to be ready to share our story. Our story doesn’t have to match anyone else’s especially if they were with us. We tend to think that we have to have the same experience but truthfully no matter if it is a happy experience or sad experience it will never be the same for everyone. When we experience something tragic a lot of times there will be a victim and we are always made to believe as the victim we are in the wrong.

            So as a victim we don’t tend to share our experiences out of fear. Even though I have healed a lot more from my experiences I was not ready to share things that have happened to me. Even though I have learned to love me, and I am learning more about myself every single day I was scared to share my experiences. As I was taking a much-needed break I was faced with a much-needed decision. Am I going to truly keep hiding or am I going to share my experience to help other women.

            I decided to adding coaching to my profile. I have decided to officially help women in their journey of finding themselves. This is something that I have experienced and something I am continuing to perfect not for anyone else but for myself. I want to officially help women become the best version of themselves for themselves and/or their kids.

            I have also decided to start back writing my blogs and sharing with your advice here also once a week. I want to not sell my products but to give you an experience so that we can help better yourself and your loved ones. We are missing so many beautiful souls-based on people conforming to society and what they standards are. I want to help beautiful souls get out of that and back to their true selves.

            If you would like to know more about our 1:1 program please click the contact us link and we can schedule a consultation.


            If you are in the Charlotte Area we are coming to you September 25th. We will be at the Charlotte Convention Center participating in the Girl Tribe Pop Up Event. Come shop with us or show your support.

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