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Posted by Jillienne Holston on

     This morning I am just wanting to discuss why we created our two new products to go to our awareness collection. This morning we are highlighting addiction. I have not personally battled with addiction, but I have had friends and family members that have. I have had close friends who has lost loved ones to addiction.
     I have seen how it affects the person and all those around them. There are some wonderful programs around the world that help with addiction and gives support for the families of addicts. The two products created and show cased will be very important. These specific products as they sell we will donate 15% off each order to a center that has helped someone close to me..
    Our goal is to send a donation of $150 or more to these organizations. Here at A.Y.B. we want to give back to various organizations, because without some of these programs we may have lost loved one, lost homes, and/or our sanity because we didnt have the support or they didnt have the support.
   Help us in our journey to help those in need!!

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