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The secret is an amazing book. It has helped me realize some amazing things that happen around us. In knowing what The Secret is about we realize that we can draw our desires to us. What I have come to learn is that what we think becomes our reality. If we think positive thoughts, we will create a positive reality. Yes I know that it isn’t always possible to think positive thoughts. It has been scientifically proven that if we repeat a set of positive mantras and then we reprogram our thoughts, we can manifest our way to riches. The best thing I have learned after reading this book is that the teachings can be used consciously or subconsciously.

            I also believe that we think our life into existence. This means that our current reality has been created from our past thoughts that we let manifest and fester into our minds. We can attract more into our life when we learn to master our minds. We learn to master our minds by learning to quiet our minds through the art of meditation. When we meditate, we become aware of our thoughts and we learn to control our thoughts and our life.

            The Secret can be used very simply once we learn to accept that we are the ones that created our past because of our thoughts. The events of our past became reality by over thinking the situation and looking at the negative of the situation. I believe that our feelings are the greatest tools we can have. When we quiet our mind, we can see what we are truly feeling and if it is not positive, we can change our frequency. When we become aware of our feelings, we can become aware of our thoughts. When we focus on our desires and we are positive about our desires we can then change our frequency to be positive. When we go from feeling sad or not good enough to feeling happy and content, we are aware of our feelings and we have changed them back to being positive.

            There are three simple steps to using The Secret. Step one is to simply ask for what we want in the most clear way. When asking for what we want we must be as clear as we possibly can. If we want sales in our business, ask “I want daily consistent sales a day.” That is asking clearly for what you want. Then step two is believing that it is coming to us. We must believe that it has already came to us and that there is nothing and no one stopping this from happening. We all know that it may not happen the same day so we can’t get discouraged and change our frequency. We must keep believing and doing the work in our business or life to showcase we are ready for this to happen. Step three is the final step which is to receive it. We must be ready to receive this blessing when it comes to us. We can’t complain we can’t get down we must be grateful that it has happened even with the negative that comes with it. We must show that we are grateful and can handle the things we are asking for. In our day-to-day activities, we must send positive thoughts, so that we can manifest our desires into reality.

            When we start changing the way we think, we will start seeing positive changes in our life. Once we start seeing these changes, we must continue to show gratitude for our old and new blessings that are in our lives. When learning the law of attraction, it applies the same way to money, relationships, healthy, the world, ourselves, and life. When manifesting money, we must think about our future wealth. We can’t dwell on our current situation because if our situation is negative, we will allow the negative thoughts to keep bringing in the negative circumstances to our lives. So, knowing that, we have to start visualizing the feeling of having more than enough money and believing that we are worthy of this, so that it can manifest into our reality. When we believe and change our thoughts our money relationship changes. We won’t worry about finances we will automatically feel more at ease. By being happy in our current situations and feeling joy, we manifest our desires. I believe this is the fastest way to accumulate money because wealth is a mindset.  

            When we want to manifest relationships this to must be crystal clear on what we want. The only difference is that our actions affect this along with our mindset. With relationships we must act as though we already received our desires. We have to treat ourselves the way we want others to treat us. We must have a powerful healthy relationship with ourselves. This means we must create our own joy in our life so that we can be more loving to others around us. When we learn to treat ourselves with love and respect, we bring others into our lives that will treat us with love and respect.

            When it comes to our health and manifesting it is a bit interesting. Byrne believes that the placebo effect is proving that when we think and believe we are cured we can manifest that into our reality. So, if we feel unwell, we shouldn’t reinforce the negativity by talking about it we must feel it and be positive knowing it will get better.

            When it comes to the world, we can’t focus on the negativity in the world no matter how much we see of it. With our feelings we must feel and understand that what we are feeling, so that we can create a positive frequency. By thinking about the negative events of the world we are allowing negativity in our lives. We must focus on abundance and love to transmit our thoughts into the universe so that we can help change events.

            When it comes to ourselves we are powerful energy transmitters. Each person has their own frequency. As well as with the things we desire all things are of energy and when we pull them into vibration on our frequency, we manifest it into our reality. We are all of one universal mind and when we think negative thoughts we are separated from that mind and all that is good in the world. When we master our thoughts, we become aware of our true power and become masters of our lives. When we have awareness of our thoughts and feelings, we become aware of these things and can transform them back to positivity.

           My biggest take away from The Secret is that we are the only ones that can change our circumstances. If we don’t like something, we have the ability to change it. It begins with us and our mindset.

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