Why Boundaries Are Important

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Today I wanted to just bring on here why I think boundaries are important and how it is not easy at all to follow through with them all the time. When figuring out the boundaries you want to set that's the easy part. When actually implementing them that's the hard part. For me personally I am a helper especially for my family. I am the go to person to get things done or help in some ways. 

For me I needed to set 3 major boundaries in my life: personal (saying no, respecting my space), financial, and relationships. I am doing a lot better when it comes to financial boundaries because I have to have them in place due to making sure me and my son are taking care of. I am working on relationship boundaries but these are becoming easier and easier for me to do. 

The one boundary that I am having the most trouble with is personal. I am doing a bit better when it comes to asking for my personal space and asking those to respect it or making them respect it. Now when it comes to saying no, there lies my problem. I am not able to hold to saying no or I am not able to say no.

When things need to get done within my business or within my personal growth if my family needs me I tend to stop and go help thinking it has to be done then. Then sometimes I feel it isn't as important as they made it seem or it could have waited. 

One specific reason why setting this boundary for me is super important is because it is not only affecting me but it is starting to affect my son. When I am running around for other people it is taking more time away from him and the time we could have had. Another reason is because my business is important and it should come first. My business is what is currently helping me pay the bills and do the extra little things that we like to go do. 

Then the last reason is because I am trying to be a better version of myself. I cant do that if I am constantly allowing other people affect me and my decisions. Them being able to have me stop at anytime is not ok. I should be able to tell them I cant at this time I am working or give them a schedule where I have work hours. 

It is important to set these boundaries because it affects not only me but others. I learned that setting boundaries allows me to fill my cup and then be able to help others. We cant help others when we are constantly feeling tired, exhausted, or not able to finish what is important to me. 

We get depressed, agitated, and resentful. We resent not only the people that are constantly taking from us but also ourselves because we are constantly allowing these things to happen.

Now realize when setting boundaries there is no one at fault. There is no one to blame for habits that you created or things that you allowed. You must also realize that the things that have happened before placing boundaries were your choices to accept. You are allowed to change. You are allowed to allow what you want to allow as long as it is in the best interest of you. 

I vow to set my boundaries and to stick to everything about my boundaries. 

Are you vowing to respect yourself and your boundaries?

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