Why Mental Health Matters

Why Mental Health Matters

Today I wanted to speak about how and why autism and mental health is important to me. So, I will start with Autism. I love my family and friends so much. I know everyone knows it is something super important to know about and be aware. But a lot of people don’t know how close it hits home to others. I won’t say who in my family has Autism to respect their privacy, but I wanted to speak on how it affects me and has opened my eyes.


For me there is a difference between a child with Autism and an adult. I believe that it will become easier by knowing how to deal with a child with Autism. For a lot of people until they can put a label on things you don’t want to truly see it for what it is. When we received the label of it being defined as Autism we finally knew what we were dealing with. This then made it about a learning curve. I say it is a learning curve because we have never had to deal with this specifically. So instead of dealing with certain things how we normally would. Now we must be more patient, understanding, and extra nurturing.


Things that may have been thought to be easy may not come easy to them. Things such as social skills may need help being taught. The thing that matters the most for a child who has Autism and a parent who has a child who has autism is love and creating a community for them. Family is always going to be family but helping them and walking with them in their journey is the most important thing they will need. So, help us by promoting awareness for Autism.


The next thing I will discuss is why Mental Health matters. For me personally I have always dealt with depression. Being a mom and a business owner, it is not always a happy bright day. A lot of times I am getting through the day. On other days it's an amazing journey. I know that there are different levels of depression and mine is a mild version. Every level of depression matters. Even if you don't have depression or some type of mental illness, your pain still matters. 

Everyone has a different journey and each journey deserves its own rewards. 

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