About Us

Audaciously You Boutique originally started as a handmade beaded jewelry company that was created by our owner/designer Jillienne Holston. Jillienne has been making handmade beaded jewelry for over 13 years. She originally started making products as an escape. She didn't feel as if she fit into any of the groups that society had created for us. Thus she created handmade jewelry that allowed her to showcase who she truly was.
Now she uses that creativity to create one of a kind boutique items. Jillienne has been creating shirts, tumblers, mugs, etc for the last 2 years. She continues to work on progressing her design work so she can bring all of customers the most unique and beautiful designs that they can only get at a few places.
Jillienne is a mother to one amazing little boy who also helps in his spare time package their clients packages. She is also a Veteran of the United States Army. She works hard to bring her clients amazing products and to show her son that you make even your wildest dreams a reality.
We got the name Audaciously because it means bold or fearless. We want our customer to feel bold when wearing our products or fearless in their everyday life to be who they are truly meant to be. The idea of the boutique is that we want you to feel empowered while making a fashion statement. We are here to bring you one of a kind products that you can be yourself while wearing or using. We are bringing you products that will make you feel empowered and that you can be your true self.