Monthly Subscription Box

June-Self Love

These wonderful boxes are here to give you monthly help to become the best version of yourself while treating yourself.

These boxes will have a different empowerment theme every month. 

The boxes will include two options, one with a necklace and one without a crystal necklace. They will both include:

  • Candle
  • Journal
  • Travel Size Crystal
  • Monthly Emails
  • Weekly Email 
We will not only go over journal topics on self love. I will post in our group self love tips. I will be sharing my progress and my struggles as they come and as I overcome them. I will be giving out support as needed.

Each month we will send out an email with a PDF that will include the journal topics discussed on our Facebook and Instagram pages. We will also be including our favorite rituals and how to create a ritual to fit just for you.

We will also be sending out a weekly email to give motivation and to check in with a mid week pick me up.

They will ship out on the 29/30th of each month.

All products purchased and made in the USA.